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Threads through Revelation

Spectacular exhibition

Threads through Revelation is a spectacular display of textile art, showing many images from the book of Revelation; the last book in the Bible.

First tour 2016-2018

Threads through Revelation may be the largest textile art project by a single artist, ever. It was over three years in the making, and took more than 11 million stitches, and if the 14 panels are put side by side it stretches over 30 metres.

From 2016 to 2018, it has toured 15 cathedrals in Britain, and we estimate that at least 500,000 visitors will have seen it. It is now ‘resting’ for a while.

"Tree of Life" touring

In the meantime, we will be touring a smaller exhibition, Tree of Life from the summer of 2019. It consists of three very large panels, so will fit into more cathedrals, large churches and other venues. If you’re interested in hosting this exhibition, please get in touch. Touring details will be available in due course.

"Threads through Creation"
- another huge project

Jacqui has also just embarked on another huge project, about as large as Threads through Revelation, named Threads through Creation. It will consist of 12 huge panels using a slightly style and techniques from those used in Revelation, but still with the vibrant colours, beautiful designs and absorbing detail which so many visitors have enjoyed. It will probably be completed ready for touring from 2020.


Revelation Threads