Threads through Revelation

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Threads through Revelation


'Threads through Revelation' has been created by Jacqui Parkinson,
a textile artist based in Devon. Her work is displayed in cathedrals
and in the community.

Many cathedral visitors have seen her eleven smaller exhibitions,
sponsored by the Deo Gloria Trust, created from 2006 to 2012.
Please visit if you would like to exhibit this work.

Bringing Revelation into view: making, designing, materials

Each panel starts as an ordinary, old cotton bed sheet: sheets that have held moments of joy and sadness - hopes and fears - dreams and nightmares. The sheet is wadded and painted. It is then covered in several layers of silks. The top layers are cut through, to reveal the lower layers of silk and paint. On this detailed background, the final design elements are stitched, using silks and metallic leathers. It is a highly labour intensive process which generates dramatic results!

View work in the making here

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