Threads through Revelation

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Threads through Revelation:

Jacqui's Current Work

'Threads through Creation'

Between 2016 and 2018, 'Threads through Revelation', a massive exhibition of 14 panels, toured 15 cathedrals. Now Jacqui has just embarked on another huge project, 'Threads through Creation', re-imagining the genesis story. 'Threads through Creation' will consist of 12 huge panels using a slightly different style and technique from those used in Revelation, but still with the vibrant colours, beautiful designs and absorbing detail which so many visitors have enjoyed. It is planned to be completed in the spring of 2020. After that, she is hoping to complete 'Threads through the Cross', a kind of Stations of the Cross, so that there will be three huge exhibitions telling the story from Genesis to Revelation - from the beginning of time, to the everlasting time.

Photographs of work in progress:

(above) stitching the separation of light and dark, (below) completed panel 4
where the Creator has brought into being all the amazing vegetation

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